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Event Trends 2017

The Biggest Event and Entertainment Trends 2017

Boogie Wookie HQ has got together with some of the leading event experts to bring you their predictions for the biggest event trends this year. With constant fast paced changes and more access to affordable new technology, we expect that the future for events will not only become more vibrant with creative ideas and interactive experiences but there will also be much more demand for Wookies.

We took a quick trip (approx 32,000 light years) back to Kashyyyk and got together with some of the leading experts based in Rwookrrorro to get an exclusive on their predictions for your events this year, we will be covering not only entertainment, but technology, catering, venues and décor.

So if you want to keep on trend and find out what kind of new exciting event options are available for your consideration, be it wedding, birthday party, corporate function, Christmas party, holidays, farewells or coming of age, stay tuned!


Khayka—J.C. Event Management

“Mu waa waa, Mu na ya” which as translation we believe Khayka is saying entertainment is likely to become more interactive and guests will be expecting not only a great show from great performers, but expect other exciting elements such as dancers or performance acts - such as Boogie Wookies plus a trained Jedi performing mind tricks, kind of like a magician, perhaps even a comedian to entertain your guests through dessert and coffee. Khayka goes on to explain how she would expect to see more immersive entertainment for guests such as VJs, silent discos and unique performers, such as fire breathers, circus and festival style performers or...Wookies who boogie.


Wrralbu— Claatuvac Tech Ltd

“My agah ya mawah, RRRrrruurgh! Arrggg! Mu na ya!” Obviously very excited to see us and eager share his knowledge of exciting new technological options available for events! We offered to show him a demonstration of Boogie Wookie’s new sound setup and we must say he was quite impressed.

Wrralbu shared with us that he expects with the 2017 trends in entertainment the technology will go hand in hand with this, creating immersive experience, vendors showcasing or providing VR experiences or interactive installations, photobooths and videos, live streaming, so guests who are unable to make your event can still catch the special moments online, vast and impressive lighting shows, fuller and more incredible sounds available on a smaller scale without having to hire a huge band if perhaps you are limited on space...such as Boogie Wookie.


Veeoshk—Wasaka Catering

Top Wookie chef originally from Rarrhkrrorrho, is now one of the most revered and desired pastry chefs of the capital. He gave us a brief overview “Awa, Awa, Awa! Ruow!” and we assume he explained to us how food is likely to take a turn from the traditional and we should expect a trend of DIY food counters, ice cream bars and more options for vegan, vegetarians and allergy sufferers.

The idea being that food becomes more exciting and a feature of the event, experimental food is growing in popularity and quirky twists on traditional dishes are more and more common.


Nawunmaaaco—GFFA Chartered Management

We expect that there will be a new dynamic force in creating alliances or networking ice breakers with interactive products. New technology will also aid to this. We should expect event planners to create a route through demonstrations and expos in order to provide the best experiences for attendees. In regards to décor we should expect to keep seeing the natural earth and festival feel likened to the forestry and Wroshyr Tree of our home, but also expect bold and striking colours...like Boogie Wookie’s disco lights...


It’s been great visiting back home for a while, and meeting some genuinely insightful expert Wookies. We will be back soon and we’d like to give a quick roundup on what to expect and what you can incorporate for your own events this year and in years to come…

Most importantly, Boogie Wookie are available Intergalactically, Galactically, Internationally, Nationally, All year round, and will ALWAYS bring the party.

We have improved our boogie prospects by adding new sounds, new tunes and floor fillers, while perfecting those classics, funk, rock, pop, electro and of course much boogie.

Trends this year are focusing on experience and interaction, new technology to enhance experience, why not enhance your event experience with us, the ultimate party band package that is Boogie Wookie.

We don’t just cater to sci-fi fans either, we rather enjoy the company of anyone and we guarantee to get the dance floor buzzing, your grumpy relatives singing along and old Doris dancing past her bed time.

We look forward to seeing you this year and fulfilling your party needs and exceeding them.

“Aaaaaaargh ghhhhhrn gaaaaaar”

(May the Boogie be with you)

Wookies out


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