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Wedding Trends 2019

Welcome back, we have once again put together a guide of current wedding trends for 2019 and 2020.

We’ll be covering décor, venues, food, attire and fashion, and lastly (and in our opinion most importantly) entertainment. We know that each couple has their own preferences for their big day and often have ideas about what they want, so we do encourage you to make your wedding personal, however, if you’re stuck for inspiration this guide could help you make those final finishing touches!

Venue and Décor trends 2019

What we noticed over 2018 – all in one venues were becoming an increasingly popular option, where you can have your ceremony, breakfast and reception without travelling far and wide. We expect this trend to continue and grow, a lot of these venues have been able to capture a different atmosphere in each area so you and your guests do feel as though you are moving through the day rather than being in one location.

A few notable venues:

Russets venue at Chiddingfold Golf Club, Godalming, Surrey

Elmore Court, Gloucester

Barn venues are still increasingly popular, we don’t expect this trend to change much as the variety in these venues varies so greatly.

We do recommend that if you book your event at a barn and you want a band, check the sizes of performance area, sound limiters and do your research. A lot of barns are converted so may have access complications for load in, especially if you want that all singing, all dancing group, this may have implications on your budget if your entertainment has to arrive early to setup before your wedding breakfast.

On the opposite side of this, some barns are perfectly adapted for weddings with entertainment and have considered access, sound limitation and power supply to the performance areas.

Here are our notable barn venues:

Pitt Hall Barn, Basingstoke, Hampshire

Old Luxters Barn, Hambledon, Henley-on-Thames

Industrial conversion venues are a new trend which we expect will start coming into its own. We’ve seen it become a popular choice for private parties over the last couple of years but it seems to be branching into weddings. Not only cost effective, these kinds of venues are slightly off the beat and track meaning the party can often go on to the wee hours. They are often converted warehouses or industrial units that have rustic features – such as old tram lines running though them. They capture rustic and a boho feel whilst being a blank canvas, so are perfect for people who have an eye for décor and don’t want many restrictions on the environment.

Our notable industrial venues are:

Clapton Country Club, East London.

The West Mill Venue, Darley Abbey, Derbyshire.

Another consideration maybe a production company – they often will provide dancefloors, back drops, pyro and lighting, ambience effects and the overall backdrop for your event if perhaps you can’t get the venue you want, or the space you have booked isn’t exactly how you would like it.

We recommend The Light Touch

Décor and colour palette trends 2019

Floral - we have noticed floral arrangements are becoming more natural looking, it seems arrangements are placed with wild flowers, seeded and fruits, also plants and foliage that heralds from a bride or groom’s heritage. For example an Australian bride or groom may bring eucalyptus into the floral arrangements. We have also seen floral arrangements being used as ceremonial arches, chandeliers and effectively natural bunting, although very wistful and shabby chic. The colours have remained consistent the last few years, taupe, pastels and dusky pinks are still very popular choices. Bouquets and rings for flower girls are also very loose and cascading rather than being built around an oasis or foam.

Colour trends – another trend that started in 2018, bold accented colours among subtle shades. Using accent colours sparingly throughout your table arrangements, garments, invites, favours are all big on trend. Coupled with very popular metalics it can really make your table décor feel special, copper, gold and even pewter candle holders, napkin rings, we’ve also seen a variety of vintage crockery coupled with modern to create an eclectic and fun look.

We also know not everyone is into light dusky shades and pretty floral décor, that’s why we also looked into the dark side, very much on trend as well, dark leather back chairs, mustards, maroons, navy and black table clothes in an industrial setting looks stunning, perhaps set the look off with copper coloured cutlery and teal as an accent colour.

Food trends – in the later part of 2018 we saw increasing amounts of quirky food vans, such as a fried chicken van (it wasn’t tfc don’t worry!) Ice cream vans and Fish ‘n’ chips vans. We also saw an increase of waited table meals – these were selections of food in big dishes, such as a meat and vegan option, vegetables or salads inspired as a buffet but without the queuing up to get food for each table as the selection is bought to the guests, we thought this was definitely a great way to get your guests interacting with each other and everyone gets to eat at the same time, plus you still have service.

Gin Bars and cocktail hour - its no doubt that Gin is incredibly popular recently and having a small gin bar with a selection of garnishes and flavours available can really be a great talking point or a great place to start at a drinks reception.

Fashion trends 2019

No doubt there will be many brides inspired by Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie from last year we have looked into some of the up coming trends.

We think it may be time to say goodbye to the bandeau style bustier dresses and welcome classic and clean lines with little embellishment, off the shoulders or elegant halter styles are very on trend coupled with simple jewellery and not much bling. Ultimately dresses are extremely personal, but with Meghan’s being the most pinned dress on pintrest we do expect a lot of inspiration to come from her style.

Groomsmen, I would say that male wedding garments are becoming much more sleek than we’ve seen before in these past few years, three piece tailored suits are very much in. Why not differentiate yourself from your groomsmen by having a slightly different style or colour, such as different lapels, waist coat. Black and white seems to be out completely and the trends have been navy, grey or tan slim fit, tailored to emphasise a masculine athletic silhouette.

Entertainment Trends 2019

Last but by no means least – in fact we think this one of the first things you might want to consider for your big day, entertainment.

The photobooth days are coming to an end, we’ve all seen them, had a go and there has been some interesting ways people have tried to spruce them up from taxi photo booth to magic mirror. We’re seeing them less and less and we think that couples will be looking for something a bit different for guests to remember their day by. We’ve seen novelty acts such as comedians, illusionists and dancers during the wedding breakfast and there is no shortage on cabaret style variety acts – only, make sure you see them first! If you’re anything like me where I find magicians really terrifying, you may want to consider if acts are appropriate for your guests.

Booking the right entertainment is extremely important. The reason we think this is because if you have your heart set on a particular venue and a particular band or style of band, you have to be sure the two are compatible, sound limitations and space could mean your dream band might not be able to play at your venue. You may also want a band that reflect the overall aesthetic of your wedding, as we know folk style and vintage style bands are very popular and do go hand in hand with rustic venues and shabby feel weddings.


Size of venue and size of band, you may want to go for a trio or a duo if the sound limit or space is very tight, this could turn out to be very intimate and many smaller bands are very good at getting a party going as much as a larger band.

Style of music, this is very important, research bands as much as you would any other part of your wedding or event, you will likely want a band or DJ who is able to reflect your personal taste in music as well as cater to your guests needs, I know all too often it is forgotten that the guests may need a good range of music to feel included in the celebrations and often feel alienated because they don’t know any of the music being played. The polar opposite of this is no good either, choosing a band that plays your least favourite type of music just to please your guests is not going to end well either.

Some bands can cater to a variety of setups, full electric, acoustic or even play as duos or trios – this maybe something you could consider if you wanted entertainment throughout your day and not only at the reception.

Ceremony – increasingly people are choosing live music in their ceremony, sometimes this has been as the aisle music or between vows and signing the register then leaving the ceremony to the party and beyond. Harpists and pianists are a good classical choice if that is your style, or perhaps if you’re planning an outdoor style wedding a bit of jovial gypsy jazz might be more appropriate.

Now obviously if you’re looking for a great band who can cater to a range of styles and a variety of setups..

Hi, Boogie Wookie here! Perhaps a little biased, but we are able to provide a huge show band sound in a small setup, we can also strip right back to our acoustic setup, a trio or a duo. This means we can cover your entire day of music should you require and also deliver on the sound you want. We have production, sound engineer and DJ options as well as a near silent stage setup which means we can cater to extremely low sound limitations while still performing as the full electric party band.

Book Us HERE

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for you event and we hope to see you in 2019!

Wookies Out


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